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Our expert support transforms the complexity of selecting a relocation service provider into a clear and straight forward process, providing peace of mind and optimized outcomes for your program.

Global Client Development
The Team

Choosing a Global Relocation partner is a significant decision, made easier when you work with a dedicated Client Development team.

We offer personalized guidance and tailored solutions to ensuring your relocation journey is smooth and efficient from start to finish.

Client Development Team Picture
Picture of Pam Jacknick
Pam Jacknick, CRP, GMS

Pam joined NEI in 2006 and has served in the relocation industry since 1982. As SVP of Global Client Development, she leads a team of professionals charged with introducing potential clients to NEI and through analysis of their relocation programs, helping them discover how to contain costs and enhance the transferee and assignee experience. Her years of experience in third party relocation management includes leading many Fortune 500 companies through all facets of the relocation process.

Picture of Ginny Taylor
Ginny Taylor, CRP, SGMS

Ginny Taylor, Vice President of Global Client Development at NEI, offers over 30 years of global mobility expertise, consulting on corporate mobility needs and strategic program direction. Her background spans destination services to full-service relocation management, enriching her client advisories with comprehensive industry insights. A Certified Relocation Professional with a Global Mobility Specialist designation, Ginny is recognized by Worldwide ERC and actively contributes to relocation councils and industry events.

Picture of Phillip Nguyen
Phillip Nguyen

Phillip specializes in optimizing relocation strategies and policies for emerging markets, focusing on efficiency and alignment with organizational culture. At NEI, he plays a key role in global client development, leveraging industry benchmarks to advise on competitive mobility programs. He leads the Inclusion Council, actively mentors in his community, and is fluent in English and Vietnamese.

NEI Now | Ready to Go Relo
A Turnkey Relocation Solution

NEI NOW is a complete solution for both U.S. Domestic and International employee relocation needs, ideal for companies considering outsourcing.

  • Perfect for businesses with growing relocation demands
  • Suits simple to complex needs, from executive services to large-scale management
  • Pre-tailored mobility solutions, up to date with best practices