Global Relocation Services

All relocation management companies may provide the same services, but not all provide the same level of service and expertise. Operational excellence and a strategic focus on advanced technology merge at NEI to enhance the human experience for you and your relocating families.

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Client Services

As global trends put more pressure on companies to compete for critical talent, many organizations are looking toward relocation services to set their organizations apart from competitors. Attracting talent is the desired outcome. NEI provides comprehensive global mobility services. But how we provide those services is where the difference lies. Our unique team structure, talent development program and depth of experience provides your company with an entire team of experts who proactively focus on your company priorities. Our advanced technology is robust and can be integrated with your business systems to create automated workflows and keep things moving at a pace consistent with today's needs.

Consulting Services

When your head of talent acquisition needs help attracting candidates or your financial officer wants cost saving ideas, where do you start? NEI global mobility clients often start with the Client Relations Manager and our Global Mobility Strategies team to analyze your program and provide solutions to meet your objectives. NEI has years of experience handling every possible situation that can't be sourced with an online or AI inquiry. Whether you are acquiring or merging with other companies, doing a group move that includes your company headquarters, or even relocating families for a multi-year EPA clean up - NEI has done it and can provide the sound advice you need to make cost effective decisions.

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Transferee and Assignee Services

NEI places critical importance on “active listening” and “empathetic communication” with employees and families to hear both what is, and perhaps is not, being said. Our Account Executive (AE) is your relocating family's single point of coordination and guides them through the entire process. Your employee knows exactly who to call and their NEI AE is aware of everything that has transpired. Give us the opportunity to share just how our cohesive team structure and advanced technology contributes to better productivity for all who touch global mobility within your organization and with your relocating families.

Uniquely Designed Services

In addition to our comprehensive global mobility services, NEI can assist your organization with an array of uniquely designed services to contribute to your success.

ExtraCare and ExtraCare Advantage

When Increased Attention is Required

Every company has VIPs, executives, and business-critical individuals whose contributions require absolute focus. When these employees relocate, it benefits the company to relieve as many relocation burdens as possible. Doing so enhances their experience and improves their productivity during and after relocating.

No matter what level of benefits are required, ExtraCare and ExtraCare Advantage can be added to guarantee a streamlined and customizable service experience for your most important moves.

Smiling Account Executive on computer with headset at desk coordinating executive relocation services for VIP transferee.

Pre-Decision Candidate Program

Supporting Recruitment Efforts

NEI acts as an extension of our clients' recruiting efforts by offering a tailored Pre-Decision Candidate Assistance program focusing on strategies to increase the acceptance rate of employment offers. We have tools and services available to help the candidate and your organization make an informed decision about a potential relocation.

Potential employee meeting with hiring manager in office setting to discuss possible employment and relocation.

Co-op and Intern Assignment Management

Recruiting Efforts Through Internships

NEI supports our clients' college recruitment strategies through the management of internships that require relocation for short term assignments. These assignments often include temporary lodging facilities which require selection, lease negotiation, utility arrangements, cable, internet services and more. We can also make rental payments, process expense reports and ensure your interns receive a positive impression of your company.

New intern at desk with seasoned professional discussing business strategy.

Corporate Training Assistance

Short-Term Training Programs

Corporations often need to manage short-term accommodations and expenses for employees who need onsite training. NEI’s management of these services reduces the time you spend on orchestrating such scenarios. Some examples include: identifying and coordinating lodging, including direct billing to NEI for the leases; transportation from the airport to temporary lodging; daily transportation to and from work, as well as weekend and evening excursions; area orientation to familiarize trainees with local shopping, banking, entertainment, and more.

Male employee smiling while training on-site with a group.

Consolidation Programs

Mergers and Acquisitions Support

When corporations merge with or acquire other companies, most choose to centralize administration and consolidate mobility programs to offer equitable benefits, streamline management functions, control costly exceptions and help everyone with the new entity make more informed decisions. NEI has helped many organizations work through the process to assist project teams with policy analysis, cost tracking, reporting, and exceptions management. We've even coordinated organizational assessments to help both entities work well together.

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Global Training Opportunities

Cultural Integration for One or Many

As companies increase their global footprint, one of the biggest challenges can be understanding a new culture or how business relations are managed from one country to the next. NEI can facilitate the type of training that helps organizations grow in new directions - successfully. Whether it is an individual going on assignment or a leadership team that needs to better understand the nuances of global business, NEI can help!

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Focus Group Management

Asking the Right Questions

For clients who may need help with consolidating companies or managing group moves, NEI can facilitate Focus Groups to learn about and address specific relocation concerns that affect key employees. Gathering information in an open setting helps to determine a success plan and document employee feedback. Armed with timely information of this sort, companies can quickly establish the best ways to retain critical talent.

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Customized Assistance Program

Whatever is Needed, NEI Can Help

Clients often come to NEI with unique challenges for which they need a solution. We have facilitated a number of solutions that extend beyond traditional global mobility. One such instance involved an EPA site clean up. Our client needed to relocate 36 families from their homes while a site was cleaned. NEI managed the entire project for three years - finding alternate living accommodations, negotiating leases, making payments, reimbursing expenses, providing area orientations and moving the families out and back into their restored neighborhood.

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Added Value or Added Cost?

During the crucial process of selecting a relocation management company, Global Mobility Managers face a challenging task to directly compare all offerings. The intricacies of global mobility services make this task even more complex. It is important to delve beyond the surface-level fees to understand what is added value and what will be direct billed as an added cost.

In this video, Randy Wilson, NEI President | CEO, talks about assessing what is presented.

NEI All Access

Free Access to Global Mobility Resources

NEI All Access provides private access to an extensive array of global mobility related articles, whitepapers, surveys, presentations and podcasts for Corporate Mobility Managers and Procurement specialists.

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