Inclusion at NEI

We recognize that there's value in having diversity of thought in the workplace and our clients greatly benefit when we prioritize an inclusive approach to developing mobility solutions-one that looks for input across a broad spectrum of participants and points of view.

Mobility team meeting in conference room.

Our Inclusion Council

As a way to facilitate relational growth in our colleagues and an openness to working collaboratively for the sake of the clients we serve, NEI has put together its very own Inclusion Council for the purpose of vetting and presenting HR leaders with resources on:

  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Resiliency (especially social & emotional)
  • Respect in the workplace
  • Appropriate boundaries
  • Teamwork

A Balanced Approach

Being an eclectic workforce is a great strength, but it's not without its challenges.

People differ tremendously on a range of issues, some very sensitive and personal. NEI wants to honor every employee's beliefs by safeguarding free expression of individuals in the workplace and maintaining political and ideological neutrality as an organization.

Coworkers laughing together at computer.

On Mission, Together

Inclusivity at NEI ia all about operating with mutual respect towards one another and creating an environment where every opinion can be heard and honestly considered.

Fostering such a culture is essential for the good of our employees and especially for the people who rely on our business.

Diverse group of coworkers joining hands as a team.