Our Green Mission

Guided by a balanced perspective and a commitment to global fairness, we strive to make a positive impact on the earth through effective management of our own company and working cooperatively with our team of world-class service partners.

Carbon Reduction

At NEI Global Relocation, we recognize the need for communities and corporations around the world to champion appropriate alternatives to fossil fuels for climate sustainability and to ensure a bright future for future generations.

Employee volunteer directing sustainability initiative.

Our Goal

Attain and document a yearly carbon emission avoidance of 25% by 2035

Socialize Plan

Socialize our plan with our global service partners to begin gathering and tracking service partner emissions and avoidance achievements

Standardize Process

Standardize a process to gather and track carbon emissions and avoidances for scopes 1, 2, and 3 on an annual basis, both internally and with our service partners

Track Annual Change

Track and document the increase or decrease in carbon emissions and avoidance year over year

Realize Goal

Work with our service partner network, NEI operations and Sr. Leadership and our industry trade association to recommend process changes to help achieve & document a yearly carbon emissions avoidance/offset of 25% by 2035

Areas of Focus

Clean Energy

We measure and work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through operational solutions and collaborative service partner relationships.

Environmental Responsibility

We conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner, continuously seeking innovative ways to reduce waste and overall energy consumption.

Employee Engagement

Our employees drive success and sustainability efforts. Sustainability principles are integrated into our core values. Our Green Committee drives change, while training and resources promote awareness and engagement.

Move for Hunger

NEI Global Relocation is proud to have a long standing partnership with Move for Hunger to support local food banks.

Families relocating with our partners can donate unopened, non-perishable food. This not only reduces waste and conserves fuel but also aids food banks in assisting those in need.

Discard and Donate

In addition to reducing NEI’s carbon footprint on the world, we work with service partners who offer innovative programs, such as Discard and Donate, where employees and clients both win by reducing household goods shipping volume prior to moving, donating items to charity and saving valuable resources with this cost neutral option.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Logo
The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) aims to make environmental reporting and risk management a business norm, driving disclosure, insight and action towards a sustainable economy.
NEI Global Relocation scored in the top third of companies that reached level "C". This score is higher than the CDP averages for Commercial and Consumer Group Services, North America and Global averages. Additionally, NEI Global Relocation scored equal to or better than average in SIX key measurement categories.