NEI Earns Top Honors Among Suppliers In 2023 Trippel Survey

NEI Earns Top Honors Among Suppliers

 In the 22nd Annual Relocation Managers Survey© conducted by Trippel Survey and Research, LLC, among all listed service firms NEI Global Relocation earned the highest average score or net satisfaction percentage in:

  • Willingness to Recommend — The degree to which a corporate manager is voluntarily willing to recommend a supplier to another relocation professional when permitted by corporate policy
  • Continuation of Service — Likelihood the corporate client continues to use the supplier one year from now
  • Culture and Partnership — A fit and alignment of your values with your RMC’s
  • Transparency — The extent to which your RMC discloses and communicates important internal and external information with clarity and accuracy

Other Notable Rankings

Additionally, NEI tied for first in net satisfaction for Account Managers and Integrity, while also ranking in the top three for Responsiveness and Overall Satisfaction.

In the Performance category, which asked managers to select from a list of word descriptions, NEI Global Relocation was one of only two service firms to be described by each survey respondent as either “Best in Class” or “Excellent.”

In securing top marks across various key metrics in the 22nd Annual Relocation Managers Survey©, NEI Global Relocation demonstrates steadfast dedication to service excellence and client satisfaction. This consistent high performance, recognized broadly in the industry, reinforces NEI's commitment to provide reliable and first-rate relocation services.

About NEI Global Relocation

NEI Global Relocation is a leading Relocation Management Company, providing comprehensive global mobility solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on building lasting client relationships, NEI ensures seamless employee relocations worldwide. For more information contact your NEI representative or click here.

Published on
December 5, 2023
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