Managing Short and Long-Term Assignments with Mollie Ivancic

February 29, 2024

Podcast description

Delve into short-term and long-term relocation assignments with Mollie Ivancic, Senior VP at NEI Global Relocation. Gain insights on enhancing the transferee experience, leadership, and personal growth. Essential for relocation professionals and leadership enthusiasts.


Episode Summary

In this enlightening episode we welcome Mollie Ivancic, Senior Vice President of International Services at NEI Global Relocation, and explore the intricacies of managing both short-term and long-term assignments in relocation. Mollie shares her invaluable insights on the distinct differences between these assignments and provides practical advice on enhancing the transferee experience.

We also delve into leadership principles that have guided her successful career and discuss the significance of stepping out of one's comfort zone to achieve growth. Join us as Mollie Ivancic offers a wealth of knowledge on improving relocation services and leading with vision in a global landscape. This episode is a must-watch for professionals in the relocation industry and for anyone interested in effective leadership and personal development.

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February 29, 2024
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