Measuring Excellence with Alan Trippel, Owner of Trippel Survey and Research, LLC.

June 24, 2024

Podcast description

In this episode, Zac Turbes interviews Alan Trippel, an industry leader with deep roots in relocation. From beginning in 1976 at Home Equity America, they trace industry growth post-tax law changes and evolving trends. They delve into their survey business, stressing unbiased evaluations in relocation services. Discover unique insights on the need for unbiased evaluations and their industry impact.


In this episode, host Zac Turbes welcomes Alan Trippel, owner of Trippel Survey and Research, LLC. Alan shares his extensive experience in the relocation industry, starting from 1976 when he worked for Home Equity America and the significant growth of the industry following tax law changes in 1976 and the evolving trends over the years. Alan explains the inception of his survey business, emphasizing the need for unbiased evaluations of relocation services. Alan also talks about the unique aspects and evolution of his surveys, highlighting their impact and relevance in the industry.

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June 24, 2024
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